// usage
chance.string({ length: 5 })
chance.string({ pool: 'abcde' })
chance.string({ alpha: true })
chance.string({ casing: 'lower' })
chance.string({ symbols: true })

Return a random string.

  => 'Z&Q78&fqkPq'

By default it will return a string with random length of 5-20 characters and will contain any of the following characters.


Can optionally specify a length and the string will be exactly that length.

  chance.string({ length: 5 });
  => 'YN%fG'

Can optionally specify a pool and the string will be generated with characters only from that pool.

  chance.string({ pool: 'abcde' });
  => 'cccdeeabedebb'

Of course these options can also be combined.

  chance.string({ length: 5, pool: 'abcde' });
  => 'cbbdc'

All the options for chance.character() are supported:

  chance.string({ length: 8, casing: 'upper', alpha: true, numeric: true });
  => '3THK7GB1'