// usage
chance.n(chance.email, 5)
chance.n(chance.email, 5, { domain: "socialradar.com" })

Provide any function that generates random stuff (usually another Chance function) and a number and n() will generate an array of items with a length matching the length you specified.

For example, to generate 5 email addresses:

chance.n(chance.email, 5);
=> [ 'nese@me.gov',
'hifebwo@abecusa.com' ]

Any options that would be sent to the random function can be added following the number.

For example, chance.email() has options which can be specified, so you can generate 5 emails with a known domain as follows:

chance.n(chance.email, 5, { domain: "socialradar.com" })
=> [ 'nuvvu@socialradar.com',
'uc@socialradar.com' ]

Note, these items are not guaranteed to be unique. If that is the intent, see chance.unique()