// usage
chance.word({ syllables: 3 })
chance.word({ length: 5 })

Return a semi-pronounceable random (nonsense) word.

  => 'bappada'

The word is returned in all lower case.

Default is a word with a random number of syllables from 1 to 3.

This length is chosen as it works out to the average word length of ~5-6 chars which seems about right.

Can optionally specify a number of syllables which the word will have.

Note these are not syllables in the strict language definition of the word, but syllables as we've defined here which is 2 or 3 characters, mostly alternating between vowel and consanant. This is the about the best we can do with purely random generation.

  chance.word({ syllables: 3 });
  => 'tavnamgi'

Can optionally specify a length and the word will obey that bounding.

  chance.word({ length: 5 });
  => 'ralve'

In this case these 2 options are mutually exclusive, that is they cannot be combined as they often make no sense. It wouldn't be possible to have a word with 7 syllables and a length of 5 or a length of 30 but 2 syllables.

Therefore, if both are specified, an Exception will be thrown so the Developer can handle their broken case.

  chance.word({ length: 5, syllables: 20 });
  => new RangeError("Chance: Cannot specify both syllables AND length.");